You watch the empty stage. Gradually, the lights begin to fade to an ambient sepia glow and the conversation of the other patrons seated around you begins to subdue in response. The soft sound of falling rain fills the room, as a dancer alights the stage. She is elegantly dressed in a shimmering black dress. As she begins to move, her limbs flow and entwine like seaweed pulled in oceanic currents, performing feats of astounding flexibility and grace. With a dramatic flick of coal-black hair, she raises her head and looks directly at you. Your eyes meet hers. She parts her ruby red lips and says to you:

“Welcome to Cirque Nocturne”



Cirque Nocturne is a circus company that excels is producing high quality, themed shows for both commercial and corporate events, as well as productions with high artistic merit and narrative for festivals.

Based in Adelaide, Australia, Cirque Nocturne debuted its first production with its self-titled show at the 2016 Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival, where it received general acclaim and 4 star reviews.

Cirque Nocturne productions utilise the best performers in South Australia from a variety of circus, dance and variety genres, including aerialists, jugglers, contortionists, belly dancers, fire spinners, burlesque dancers and more

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Wether you pick from our existing repertoire of shows, or have something unique created especially for your event, contact us about arranging a show for your next event.

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